Tiny houses Cost much more than Garden of Eden Container/Dome

Buy your land in a Tourist Area with two Mods Int. Containers. The AirBnB income will pay off your loan from Wells Fargo.

Home of the Rock Container/Domes an Idea whose Time has Come

(Psalm 18:2) The LORD is my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my God, my stronghold in whom I take refuge, my shield, the glory of my salvation and my high tower.

Home of the Rock is an unique Garden of Eden styled residence designed by Wonderful Gregory GOrDon, four time IAWMD Golden Web Award winner for best design, content and originality on the Internet.  Psalm 18:2 sums up what GOrDon was looking for: an affordable home that would be like a fortress that could be easily delivered to his chosen land and that would be a stronghold in which he could take refuge through hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. If he could find such a home, it would be his salvation from chronic homelessness.  Finally, in October of 2017 after 30 years of studying low cost alternative housing that would meet these needs Amazon.com began selling Mods International Shipping Container homes.  According to GOrDon's research if you combine Geodesic Domes with Shipping Container Homes these hybrid not-too-tiny houses cost nothing to live in.  In fact, they pay you to live in them if ordered two at a time and one of the containers is rented out as an AirBNB.  And as if in some sort of Wheel of Fortune Word Game Miracle, GOrDon has arranged for financing for his own and other peoples Garden of Eden Container/Dome homes with Wells Fargo Bank. Wells Fargo Bank has headquarters in a gorgeous High Tower thus completing the verse and changing the words of Psalm 18:2 into a beautiful prophetic Song of songs. That is if you choose to live as GOrDon will in one of his Garden of Eden Container/Dome Tiny Homes.  The feature of Garden of Eden Landscape Architecture that separates it from other architecture is  ALL-THE-WAY-AROUND-THE-PROPERTY-FULL-PRIVACY-FENCING that makes your garden your home and keeps your neighbors property values unaffected by your property.  "Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce." (Jeremiah 29:5)  The song from which he got the idea is "I'm Happy." - "Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof."  Your Garden becomes your home.  The Garden Igloo is the garden's centerpiece. It provides a nice sized multi-purpose room for living, dining, playing games and/or for work. At 12ft wide these, the best looking Geodesic domes on the market, are only $1,195 dollars each.  The  Mods International Shipping Containers are "fully finished," and include amenities such as a bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette, living area and double patio doors.  The inexpensive container home is 320 square feet and weighs approximately 7,500 pounds. It is fully insulated, heated and air conditioned.    It is also fully furnished with furniture and appliances including a leather couch, dining table and seats,  microwave, refrigerator, cabinets and two bunk beds in the bedroom. The Mods Container Home costs $36,000 (plus $3,754.49 for shipping fees).  Most shipping container tiny homes and geodesic dome home kits for sale on the Internet are much more expensive. And as of December 22nd 2017, HomeoftheRock.com has an exclusive arrangement with Wells Fargo Bank to provide financing for the complete Garden of Eden  Container/Dome Package if and only if you decide to purchase through the links on this site. (Please do so).   Financing available through Wells Fargo Bank when combined with 50 to 100 kw of Solar Panels which help pay the Mortgage. (Note: Solar Panels only produce electricity up to full capacity for 20% of the time not 50% as I originally thought and after your electricity bill is paid FP&L will only pay you the wholesale rate, so the payback time is about 12 years. But, not too bad on a 30 yr. Mortgage).  Plus there are many Federal and State Government programs that will help pay for consumer solar installations.  The long awaited marriage of the geodesic dome / shipping container home represents the final realization of Buckminster Fuller's dreamed of mass produced and easily delivered Dymaxion Dwelling Machines designed to sell for the price of a luxury automobile.  Completely furnished and finished Mods International Container Home/Garden Igloo Dome/Solar Powered Homes are sold at HomeoftheRock.com by The Trust in God through The Good Works Shop Design Science Store at Amazon.com

New Generation Containers

January, 2018.  There is a new kid in town.  Amazon.com has added another type of Shipping Container to their list of Dymaxion Dwelling Machine units.  The container is from New Generation Shipping Containers.  Just as the Mods Container units come fully finished and furnished so too are New Generation Containers. The main differences are that the New Generation Containers are more like a Studio.  

To Live in your House Debt Free or To Live for Free Indebted to your House

You may be considering buying a Container Home, Geodesic Dome or other Tiny Home out of a desire to remain Debt Free.  The average Tiny Home builder in the United States spends $23,000 dollars building their Tiny Home.  While that is a lot less than a $100,000 to 200,000 dollar home it is still quite a bit of money to shell out all at once.  When you invest in a Garden of Eden Container Dome you can earn money with either an AirBnb or 50 to 100kw of solar panels or both.  Don't let the desire to remain debt free limit you from practically living for free while indebted to your house.

Mods Int. Container of Your Solar Garden Container/Dome

This is a video of the Mods International single bedroom unit for your 50 - 100kw Solar Garden of Eden Container/Dome Tiny Home.  This unit along with another one of the same or another two bedroom unit will allow you to open an Air BnB for even extra income.